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Become a Patron!

Please note, THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT. Do not purchase through this site. Please click on the link below.

WELCOME to the KT Patreon Universe!!

Firstly, by signing up to become a contributing Patron, please know that you are playing a vital role in building a healthier future for musicians and writers to continue to create.


You can sign up to be a KT FRIEND to show your support for what I do and receive discount benefits, forum access, and an exclusive monthly mp3 audio download and newsletter from me…OR… sign up to become a member of KT FAM using my lucky number - 23 - and climb through the back of this magical wardrobe and go all-in to access an exciting, exclusive new KT World!!

With the advent of the devastating COVID-19 Pandemic, live music has all but come to a halt. As disappointed as I have been to have to reschedule so many shows, this time at home has been pretty revelatory. Ceasing my constant tour schedule has led to so much of my energy being freed up to communicate with you fans. I’d love to continue this new world of connection, including many of you living in parts of the world where I am unable to easily or regularly play shows.

I’ve always dreamed of offering an old school fan club experience. I want to get back to the early days where we had a fan forum where we could all get together and chat about everything and anything.

As KT FAM…you will receive twice monthly exclusive, downloadable, pre-recorded audio & video performances from our very own venue, ‘The Tunstall Arms Pub’ where there will no doubt be live shows happening in the future. There are discounts & VIP early access on select tickets, along with a host of other benefits.

You will also become a member of my Patron-only Instagram account for Q&A’s with fans and special guests, exclusive live performances, and a weekly legendary #KTRAVE!!

You can also MAIL ME and I will WRITE BACK on ACTUAL PAPER!!!

And on top of that…where the magic happens…an invitation into my soon-to-be-operational home studio, ‘DOGNATION’, where you will be granted access to log into livestreams during my writing and recording sessions; you can be there in real time as my music is created!

After 3 months of KT FAM sign up, you automatically open the treasure chest to receive a copy of personalised & signed vinyl in the mail.

I love playing live and will of course continue to do so when we can, but with the birth of KTREON (!!), it will allow me to find a balance between touring and creating, where I can engage with you all more regularly whilst affording me hugely appreciated creative and financial freedom to deliver you some really exciting original material with no rules. I’ll still make the albums I love to make, but I’ll be able to create so much more on top of that, whilst always choosing great charities to support through this community.

Love KT x